Does God favor some people over others?

Some people think that God favors some people over others, what do you think?

You Can Do Anything!

A funny skit of our culture of special.  “The world needs more singer-songwriters and fewer doctors and engineers.”  Classic quote!

Crazy Sports Parent

The year 2011 could be labeled the year of the crazy sport parent.  In September, parents and coaches got into a full-blown brawl over a tied soccer game between 8 and 9 year olds, that’s right, 8 and 9 year olds.  The parents were so overidentified with their children’s success on the field that they allowed their tempers to get the better of them.  Interestingly, no children fought at all, but went to their parents’ vehicles and sat there waiting for their parents to stop fighting.  The fight was the latest example of a rash of unacceptable parental behavior that year, including the indictment of a hockey dad in August on manslaughter charges for beating another father to death at a game in Massachusetts.  How have parents come to be so overinvested in their children’s success in sports?  Are they living vicariously through them?  Do they expect them to play well and win every game?  Are they convinced their child is the next Mia Hamm or Wayne Gretzky, and anyone who disagrees deserves a punch to the face?

Seeking Fame

A 2011 study found that as of 2007 the most popular television programming directed toward tweens (9-11 year olds) emphasized the individualistic trait of fame.  From 1967-2007, community well-being had been the dominant focus of the most popular tween television programming, but suddenly the emphasis has changed to achieving fame.  How can we account for this change in values?  Is the media trying to create a culture of fame seekers or has fame seeking become a focus for tweens and the media is reflecting that value back to tweens in its television shows?  Either way, why are young people seeking fame more than ever before?