You Can Do Anything!

A funny skit of our culture of special.  “The world needs more singer-songwriters and fewer doctors and engineers.”  Classic quote!

3 thoughts on “You Can Do Anything!

  1. This SNL skit is AWESOME! So happy I stumbled on your blog and found this video. You’ve nailed it on the head with your comment. I recently quit my job as an engineer and started to write songs about how we need to love everyone and stop fighting and just get along. If more of us would follow our dreams instead of trying to fill our pocketbooks the world would be a better place to live.

    As my Dad used to say “Live long and prosper”.

    • Love the skit! I think that’s what you do with your children, you watch silly skits, listen to them sing off key, and watch them learn to follow their heart until one day they are in a real play called life, they probably still sing off key but it doesn’t matter in the whole picture, and they follow their own dreams if they are given praise as that child.

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